I spent many years wondering what I needed to “do” with my life in order to be happy, knowing I had to find some kind of meaningful work and enough compensation to pay the bills. In my early 20’s I was fortunate to have found decent jobs in customer service or administration, and my overall people skills and enjoyment assisting others developed into a profession I could live with. I wasn’t, however, experiencing the elusive career fulfillment my society and I were always seeking to achieve. Dreams accomplished! Work from the exotic beaches of the world on your laptop only 2 hours a day! Ok well that seemed a little unrealistic, but I did know there was a feeling I was missing. In my late 30’s I developed a career as an “Employment and Career Counsellor,” believing this might be the end of the search. It wasn’t. So I continued to sift through my dreams, waiting for the miracle to happen one day. All along, I read the Tarot. I loved it irrepressibly, but believed early on that as a career, it wasn’t going to support me financially. Like an Artist, the Tarot Reader tells a story. How was I going to support myself telling stories?

Onward went the search. I eventually found what I thought was my passion and my purpose. Through my Tarot Readings, I had discovered that listening to others’ stories facilitated its own kind of healing. So I went back to school and began working as community support worker. In an aboriginal setting, I provided individual as well as group counselling on a wide range of issues, including family maintenance, addictions, violence and trauma. I had found myself immersed in this profoundly challenging and rewarding environment of healing, and I did this work for several years. I even felt I was making a difference, however small, in how people could heal and improve their lives. What I learned from the Aboriginal Community in terms of this would change my life. I will always have a deep gratitude for this experience. But there came a day when things stopped working. The pressures of the job seemed too much to bear. I was tired. In my early 40’s I discovered that over a decade of service to others had lead me to a wall.

With nothing to lose, I held onto a thread I had woven through the early years of my employment, desperate to discover happiness. I told myself that I would now find a career where I could have fun, if I could not find meaning. Looking at the opportunities, I remembered my experiences in the restaurant and hotel industry and elements that had been very enjoyable. I soon found myself working in hotels as a Guest Services Agent. The work was indeed fun and allowed my service and people skills to shine where I loved it best, on the pristine beaches of Parksville. Nothing gave me more joy than showcasing the community and its abundance of natural beauty. Now approaching 50, I am happy to share that I’m very fulfilled and grateful in my work as an Assistant Guest Services Manager at a luxurious resort in Parksville. I have fun in my job every day managing a spectacular team of individuals, and helping to host memorable experiences for our hotel guests. Somehow, once I had given up on finding “meaning” I had given myself permission to discover the very thing I was chasing, right inside of me.

What also lay waiting surprised me. Two months ago, I discovered a renewed passion for the Tarot, and a desire to read for others again on a regular basis. And with that, a yearning to teach others what I had learned in the process of being a reader for over 30 years. This new beginning was unexpected, but if felt so authentically real for me that it wasn’t long before I had opened my doors to a new venture, full of opportunities for me to use all of the skills my previous life had given me. Still reeling a bit from the momentum, I realized I had been caught in the creative forces of several people around me who were currently transforming their own careers! Within the last the last six months, my sister had opened her own yoga studio, and a very close friend had opened her own hair salon. I had seen several colleagues also enhancing their employment through new home businesses and consulting contracts. Everyone seemed to be challenging the paradigm of one career suits all. At this point a network had evolved, and with my husband at the centre (he will love me saying this) new friends and business partnerships were starting to blossom around us. We had also discovered a mentor – a lovely and passionate Life Coach whose work has been dedicated to bringing forth authentic selves and connection. Through our engagement and a spiralling inspiration, my husband found himself today discussing his own talents and new possibilities through Hospitality and Events Management.

As a Tarot Reader, it’s very easy to see these kinds of connections, and we know that the laws of synchronicity are always at play. In my coaching sessions with clients, we often discuss how to better trust our intuition and the messages we receive. The most dramatic experiences we can have involve those moments we see signs and events that are much more than coincidence. Do you seem to be attracting like minded individuals, and do they inspire you to enhance your life somehow? Do some things seem to be happening spontaneously, almost “magically,” that lead towards your goals? Are you repeatedly seeing the same themes, symbols, or images that relate to your goal? Do some things come to you, almost effortlessly? When we see this happening we are in the flow of something greater. We are aligning with our true selves, and manifesting our intentions. We are motivated by joy, and accept the work ahead of us because we have fun doing it. To truly empower ourselves, we can stay mindful about the process and watch for these experiences of synchronicity. They tell us we are on the right track, and seeing various signposts along the journey. They not only validate our experience, they validate our intuition. For a student of metaphysics, we are having a glimpse into the great mystery.

It’s no surprise for me then, that certain key events over my lifetime of searching for career fulfillment have lead me back to the place I started. Reading the Tarot for the sheer love of it, and feeling joy in helping others discover themselves through the process. With everything I am witnessing around me in career triumphs and transformations, I freely encourage you as my reader to never let go of your own, precious dreams in your search for career happiness. There is a great swell of energy towards this these days, at least in my circles. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are seeing some of this yourself. If you can be fearless of the wave coming your way, be bold and grab a surfboard. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to surf….I’m learning as I go.

On a relaxed day, shopping alone on Queen Street in Toronto, I happened into a magic shop. I was fifteen, and the very idea of this discovery was tremendously cool. The book section was rich with many of my personal delights: psychic phenomena, astrology, magic. I don’t remember the book I bought that day, but at the last moment before leaving the store I noticed the tarot cards. And on a pure impulse, I purchased them. The Rider-Waite Tarot was to be my first deck, and from that day forward began a long journey, nearly thirty years with my remarkable friend and teacher.

Does tarot change your life? My spirituality unfolded through the tarot, a lush garden of events and synchronicities that have both challenged and transformed me. The trust I now have in life, I certainly owe in great part to the tarot; it whisks you along with it, showing you everyday miracles, developing your intuition to sometimes alarming places, and all the while teaching an ancient philosophy of life and fate.

With this blog, I hope to share some of my passions, and some of the truly fascinating adventures I’ve had as a journeyman of the tarot. I hope you enjoy, as much as I will, the thrill of exploration, and seeing where this takes us.